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What is Fully Synthetic Motor Oil?

Full synthetic engine oil is a type of lubricant that is produced entirely from chemical components. Unlike conventional motor oils, this kind is completely synthesized in a laboratory.

How to Pick the Right Motor Oil?

Lube Squad offers a wide selection of synthetic oil at varying prices - there are items to fit any budget! We sell directly from such giant industry leaders as Everest, Petromerica Oil, ILast, and Tigers Head.

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Is full synthetic oil better?

Fully synthetic motor oils contribute to strong protection and excellent performance of high-mileage vehicles. Besides this, there is a multitude of other benefits that make this oil type a preferred option. Take a closer look at them:

  • Resistance to oxidation and chemical degradation
  • Extreme temperatures withstanding
  • Smooth flow at low temperatures
  • Reduced emissions
  • Longer lifespan as compared to conventional oil

You may wonder now whether there are disadvantages. This seems to be a perfect solution. Consider that there’s always a dark side. Well, the drawbacks aren’t critical yet you should pay attention to them before placing an order.

The biggest disadvantage is the fully synthetic engine oil change cost - it is 2-4 times higher in contrast to conventional lubricate. Additionally, unlike mineral oil, this type provides a slightly lower fuel economy at highway speeds.

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