Full Synthetic Engine Oils - Dexos1®

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Engine oil has always been important for motor operation. Thanks to this fluid, a thin oily film forms on the cylinder walls which reduces the level of friction, contributes to more complete combustion of fuel, increases the car power and its long-life operation. Today you can find various types of oil for both gasoline and diesel engines at the oil market. The car owner knows which oil suits best for his car engine. At the same time, manufacturers are striving to improve the formula of any oil. Today, for gasoline cars, premium oil is offered so-called Dexos1. What is it like? In order to meet the requirements of Dexos1™, engine oil must be either fully synthetic or a synthetic mixture. Lube Squad offers customers the latest development in the field of fully synthetic oils - full synthetic Dexos1 motor oil. Dexos1 engine oil formula provides superior wear protection, minimizes sludge and carbon deposits, and resists viscous and thermal shear even in harsh environments. It also protects against corrosion and is highly resistant to aeration and foaming. Full synthetic Dexon1 engine oil meets more stringent performance requirements than standard oils resulting in longer engine life and performance. It also meets and exceeds the requirements of the energy-saving standard for fuel economy. Lube Squad offers premium full synthetic oil wholesale with excellent performance stability as indicated by compliance with international standards and the requirements of the leading world manufacturers of the automotive industry.