Heavy-Duty Oil

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Modern powerful diesel engines with low emissions are characterized by increased soot formation and operate at higher temperatures than the naturally aspirated engines of previous generations which significantly increase the need for highly efficient lubricants. Reducing the working clearances of the engines leads to a decrease in oil consumption and, accordingly, the package of oil additives is updated less frequently due to less fresh oil. Due to the proximity to the combustion chamber, due to the higher arrangement of the piston rings, the heavy-duty engine oil is exposed to a higher temperature which increases the thermal load on the oil. Higher fuel injection pressures and the use of a later injection reduce harmful emissions but also increase the operating temperature of the engine and increase the number of soot particles entering the oil, especially on engines equipped with exhaust gas recirculation systems. Heavy-duty motor oil retains remarkable efficiency at high temperatures. Fully synthetic high-performance diesel motor oil helps to extend engine life while also providing extended oil change times in modern heavy-duty engines. Diesel engine oil provides superior performance to modern engines with a low level of toxicity of exhaust gases including engines with intermediate cooling as well as engines of older models that are in good condition. Lube Squad recommends buying Everest heavy-duty oil wholesale for a wide range of harsh environments and environments typical of freight, mining, construction, and agriculture including any other commercial vehicle. 

The superior performance of the oil is the result of extensive joint research and development with the largest manufacturers of equipment and is based on the application of advanced solutions in the field of engine lubrication. Therefore, this product satisfies and even exceeds the requirements of the latest industry API standards as well as the specifications of many of the largest European, American and Japanese engine manufacturers. Everest diesel oil wholesale at Lube Squad maximizes the efficiency of your business!