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Lube Squad is the exclusive motor oil & automotive products distributor and one of the largest players in the US car market. We have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of motor oils and antifreeze distributors offering liquids that meet all the requirements of the leading world manufacturers of the automotive industry. Today, we are the official American engine oil distributors of Everest and iLast oil manufacturers for the sale of lubricants for all car parts (vehicle engines, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.). Considering that our company directly sells Everest and iLast products from the manufacturer’s factories as well as having our own logistics distribution complex, today we can offer one of the most competitive prices in the USA which can be an additional argument for active cooperation with us. Being reputed lubricant distributors, Lube Squad Company makes every effort to increase the popularity of the products in the US including participating in a number of marketing programs, exhibitions, and industry seminars, etc. The main mission of the company is to solve economic problems, tasks of social development and environmental protection while providing the best services for consumers of Everest and iLast lubricants. As official motor oil distributors and promoters of other automotive products, we always adhere to the standards and procedures of partner companies.