Hand Sanitizers

Perfect Solution

Help prevent the spread of germs

  • Eective cleaning and protection
  • 99.99% Eective - Long-lasting Antimicrobial
  • Non-Toxic - Alcohol Compound
  • Instant sanitizer non-irritating
  • Moisturizing - smooth and refreshing

Perfect Solution for hand hygiene

  • Fast-acting germ ghting
  • Convenient ip cap

Kills many common germs and bacteria in 10 seconds and helps prevent the spread of germs and disease.

Hand Sanitizer - 4oz.

Pallet size for 4oz (LxWxH) (inches) - 48x40x50. Pallet weight 1477 Lb.
Box size for 4oz (LxWxH) (inches) - 14.5x11.25x5.75. Box weight 16 Lb.
Bottles/case: 48PCS. Bottles/pallet: 4224PCS.

Hand Sanitizer - 8oz.

Pallet size for 8oz (LxWxH) (inches) - 48x40x58. Pallet weight 1525 Lb.
Box size for 8oz(LxWxH) (inches) -12.75x8.75x7. Box weight 14.77 Lb.
Bottles/case: 24PCS. Bottles/pallet: 2520PCS.

Hand Sanitizer - 1Gal.

Pallet size for 1 gallon(LxWxH) (inches) - 48x40x53. Pallet weight 1500 Lb
Box size for 1 gallon(LxWxH) (inches) - 11.75x11.75x12. Box weight 36Lb
Bottles/case: 4PCS. Bottles/pallet: 192PCS.

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