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Introducing Lube Squad.

The leading distributor of automotive products and services.

No matter what the call is, we are here to answer.

From a range of advanced quality oil to chemical product line, Lube Squad aims to deliver a superior service to its customers with flexibility and integrity.

We distribute a variety of products across dealerships…oil change stations… and parts store.

Our vast distribution capabilities, and quick deliveries, give us an edge over other distributors.

Lube Squad, the lubricant distributor company, offers its customers a full range of products for automobile, freight, passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment, in a wide variety of volumes - from wholesale large-scale deliveries to liter containers. We are the official motor oil distribution company promoting and selling Everest and iLast oil brands and the largest operator in the US lubricants market. We offer not only high-quality lubricants from these American manufacturers that have shown maximum quality results during testing and meet all the requirements of the leading world manufacturers of the automotive industry. Being a bulk oil distributor company we provide also a range of services that are initially focused on additional profit for your business. The presence of warehouses as well as a large private fleet of trucks allows us to respond as quickly and efficiently to the requests of both small and large customers as possible, deliver products anywhere in the US. Good antifreeze is no less important for the engine than good motor oil. That's why we are an antifreeze distributor company too. Lube Squad Company, oil wholesale distributor offers you the most optimal, cost-effective and efficient solution for the selection of lubricants!

Lube Squad- delivering market-leading lubricants.

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