Full Synthetic Engine Oil

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Having purchased a car, the happy owner is faced with the need for its maintenance which includes the regular replacement of fluids in various components and car parts: in the engine, transmission, axles, etc. Evidently the related question is how to choose the most suitable oil. Lube Squad offers a huge range of oils according to technical features corresponding to your engine that have shown maximum quality results during testing and meet all the requirements of the leading world manufacturers of the automotive industry. So, a fully synthetic engine oil line is to your attention from the official motor oil distributor!

Full synthetic motor oil is obtained in the synthesis process. The fact is that because of the exceptional properties of chemical and thermal stability as well as because of the very low freezing temperatures, there is no alternative to this oil. In addition, full synthetic engine oil creates a stronger oil film between the rubbing parts and resists wear much better, and it also has a low internal friction coefficient compared to another one which partially saves fuel. It should also be noted the resistance of such a product to aging, oxidation, and loss of properties. In other words, the longer life of full synthetic oil allows the lubricant to reliably protect the engine throughout the entire period until the planned lubricant change. The only drawback of full synthetic motor oil is its relatively high price. So, we recommend buying full synthetic oil wholesale to save money. Contact our manager to get more info about product availability and prices.