Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

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The most crucial moment when choosing engine oil during vehicle operation is the proper selection of lubricants as well as the correct transition from one type of oil to another if necessary. If the engine is very dirty, it is not necessary to immediately change to full synthetics as washing the lubrication system, freeing it from soot, this oil can corrode the formed layer of plaque and clog the filter or channels which will lead to motor repair. In this case, use synthetic blend motor oil suitable for tolerances. This oil consists of a mix of conventional and synthetics (approximately 50-70%). It, in this case, is the balance because viscosity is increased and flushing functions are reduced. It is necessary to fill in the engine with such oil which is recommended by the manufacturer of the power unit. This statement is true for all motors and does not depend on the type of base that is used in the manufacture of certain types of lubricants.

Today, synthetic blend oil is a more popular type of oil. It has higher stability and at the same time, its price is almost two times lower than that of synthetics. The main advantage of synthetic blend engine oil is its lower price compared to fully synthetic oil. The disadvantages include its lower stability compared to synthetics at different temperatures, and its conventional component among other things is also subject to oxidation. But additives significantly improve the quality of such oil. 

When we fill synthetic blend oil into a completely new car, we get the maximum effect. Always check your vehicle manual for the correct choice of oil according to it and level of properties and buy the synthetic blend wholesale from Lube Squad with confidence!